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Apple may be developing a cheaper iPad to try to increase tablet sales

The iPad is great; however it is so damn costly. And that's going to be changed.

Anonymous sources with intimate information of Apple's supply chain told DigiTimes that the tech giant is considering launching a 9.7-inch iPad for less than $259 in 2018.

The new, cheap 9.7-inch iPad would be accustomed to attract a lot of customers that think the present model (which prices $329) is just too costly. The idea appears to be that a $70 step-down would be enough to lure additional customers into getting the tablet.

The sources expect Apple to release the new iPad within the second quarter of 2018. Complementary to its typical shopper base, the corporate could attempt to push the device into the commercial and service sectors.

It's unclear whether or not Apple will alter the device's hardware or style to chop the price. DigiTimes reports that the corporate can outsource the iPad's production to Taiwanese manufacturer Compal electronics, that additionally counts acer, Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, and Hewlett-Packard among it purchasers.

A price cutting would come as little surprise. The tablet sales have fallen greatly within the past many years, and therefore the iPad lost out to the Microsoft Surface tablet in national shopper satisfaction for the first time this year.

The lower price might facilitate the iPad vie among price-conscious customers with high-end, cheaper tablets from competitors like Amazon, Asus, and Huawei.

If these rumours are true, maybe it is not the end of the tablet era in spite of everything!