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Importance of Mother or Mumma!

MUMMA , the first word you call out whenever you reach home.The first word you shout out whenever you are in pain. The first word you spoke. 🌸
But the difference is when you say MUMMA I need a glass of water. She’s there by you. But when I say the same all that happens I do get nothing but a glass full of tears. People ask how do you live without her. I say “do I get a choice”. Lucky are those who have their MOTHER around them.
I still miss her. When alarms sounds up, But not her shouting voice to wake up for school. I still do miss her when the breakfast is on the table buy it wasn’t made by her. I still do miss her when I don’t find her. Whenever am home. I miss her every night when nobody’s there to kiss my forehead and wish me night. I miss her when I find my friends buying gift for MOTHER’S DAY. I miss her when dad scolds me.
I didn’t get a chance to say this but “I do love you MOM”. I still think about you whenever I read those diaries. I still think about you whenever my eyes goes up to your picture just in front of my bed.
But Let me tell you one thing MOM I didn’t cry and whenever I felt like I locked myself and did what I am doing today. I wrote 🌷. As you said.
I miss you mom 🌸
-Guest Blogger Shalini Singh
Author of Qoutes World

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