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Apple investigates on iPhone 8 Plus devices bursting open

Apple fanatics finally have their hands on the all new iPhone 8, but two Asian owners have already busted their new phones under strange circumstances.

An iPhone 8 plus owner from Taiwan state that her five-day-old 64GB device split open while charging according to The Next Web. It was claimed by her that the official Apple charging cord was being used, and after about three minutes, the phone started swelling and she pulled it off the charger.

Another news came from the Japan where another iPhone 8 Plus owner claims his phone started splitting open. He claims that his phone’s screen was bursting open from the second he unboxed it. And actually that’s the weird thing about his story that he didn’t even have an opportunity to charge his new device.

The most likely culprit for these screen issues is battery swelling, but there are currently no definite answers from the reported incidents or from the Apple.
Magokoro0511” shared multiple images of the alleged iPhone screen issue, including a few photos with it still in the box on Twitter.

The busted phone of iPhone 8 plus user in Taiwan has reportedly been returned to Apple for investigation, and an Apple rep confirmed that the company is looking into the incidents. However, the company is not commenting on either of the incidents.
These are the only two cases that have surfaced online so far, so the bursting front panels don’t appear to be a widespread issue. Most importantly, there were no reports of explosions, so it’s safe to say, at least for now, that this won’t turn out like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 last year.

The truth is that many phone launches have at least a few hardware problems. For example, last year, multiple reports of exploding iPhone 7 handsets emerged, but there were no widespread issues that jeopardised the integrity of the entire production line. In most of the cases, an isolated manufacturing flaw or user error such as improper charging is the reason for the issue.

If your Twitter timeline start to get filling with more pics of bulging iPhone 8 screens, there might be a cause of alarm. But for now, this appears to be a case of two people who got unlucky and received a malfunctioning or broken device.

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